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Cash Mob

Posted on March 14, 2012

I was reading the St Johns Main Street page on Facebook and in one of the threads Pat Jewett and someone else wrote about hearing on NPR about Flash Mobbing with cash to boost local community support. I immediately got what it was about and asked if anyone was doing anything about it or should I. One reply was "do it!" so I set up a Facebook Page facebook.com/StJohnsCashMob and set some ground rules/suggestions and it took off! I immediately railroaded another business owner who I consider very intelligent and impartial into an admin position to ensure objectivity and fairness. I'm quite certain she is enjoying it as much as I am. Within a couple days we had our first article in The Oregonian which shed some favorable light on the concept. By the second day the "Likes" were close to 100.

A friend who heads up the Last Friday Art Walk heard we would be Cash Mobbing monthly and asked if we might combine the two events. Because I started the project right after the last Friday of the month I figured the first one could happen the following Friday then last Friday would be the final day thereafter, sure why not?! By now I was completely convinced I was in way over my head, after all this was just theoretical up to now.  Luckily my selection for fellow administrator paid off. She has been instrumental in helping keep this idea from imploding on itself. You see I'm not the most diplomatic fellow and have no clue for organizing so it is good for me to have more forward thinking folks around otherwise I would just make art all day long ignoring important obligations.

The next step was an important one, I posted on the St Johns Cash Mob page (SJCM) asking people to vote for the spot we should Mob that Friday. Good ole' democracy in it's wisdom selected a store that would be having it's grand reopening party that Friday night. Perfect! The next day I recieved an odd message asking for a tv interview about our SJCM. They came and interviewed me for more than hour about me and the Mob. The one thing I wanted them to show was that I have been fighting my way through cancer surgeries for nearly three years now and I want to give back to the community so badly that has supported me through this. Instead they showed me flailing my arms saying "Wabba we hoo la la!!" The best part is seeing all the zillions of local shoppers mobbing the new store with CASH! Here's that video.

You can start voting right after the last St Johns Cash Mob and we'll close voting the week before the Mob to let the store owners know they have one week to stock up! Voting can happen on the SJCM Facebook page or on the unaffiliated page right here. You can always come by my store to vote in person HELD Real Vegan Belts right at the end of the beautiful St Johns bridge.

This has already been highly successful and I can only imagine it will grow and grow. Thank you so much for allowing me to give back to the community that supports my family. In service, Micah Perry

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  1. You can mention my name. I was the person who brought up the subject on facebook. I got flash and cash mixed up then I posted the link to the NPR That’s my only claim to fame in this whole evolution of the process. I just want acknowledgement for mentioning it.

  2. I did include your name in two interviews and I put it into the blog that i wrote about it as well. Let me know if I should include it anywhere else, but you might also want to let me know if there is somewhere you might not want me to include your name I print up and paste many illegal and perhaps unsavory wheat pasting/sticker/t-shirt campaigns. On the other hand “no such thing as bad publicity” right?! If the other three or five people who mentioned it would also like acknowledgement please feel free to contact me and I will write what ever you ask. Thank you and have tons of fun!

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